Welcome to the website of award-winning thriller writer Ron Parham...

Welcome to the website of award-winning thriller writer Ron Parham, author of The Paxton Brothers Saga, which includes Pinnacle Book Award winner Molly’s Moon, Copperhead Cove and the just-released Festival of Fear, and his upcoming series The Gas Lamp Saga, starring private investigator Jake Delgado.
Ron writes about ordinary people that are caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Filled with suspense and numerous twists and turns, each of his novels is a page-turner that will thrill you, entertain you and keep you up at night. Click on the ‘Books’ section to read a synopsis of each novel, and ‘Excerpts’ to read a sample of each one.

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Praise for Festival of Fear


Festival of Fear – review by Wendy Holland of Goodreads

Juxtaposed against the Cuban Missile Crisis that threatened a world war in 1962, Festival of Fear which I won through Goodreads Giveaways and the first novel in Ron Parham's intriguing and compelling "Paxton Brothers Saga" opens with the brutal slaying of local girls that's shocking and frightens the populace in and around the districts outside Acorn, Iowa. Subtly and cleverly the author contrasts the fear in the crisis around Acorn with an historical event that had the country holding its breath as young, untested President John F. Kennedy tries to stop a standoff that could result in a nuclear disaster.

Well-structured and intensely riveting Ron Parham often dilutes the escalating tension with the humor of family banter, sibling arguments and the blossoming love between Nick and Sarah This is a story of courage in the face of tragedy as world powers clash and football hero Nick Paxton finds the inner strength to confront a killer to save the girl he loves.

A master at creating multi-faceted, realistic and unforgettable characters the author breathes life into a host of colorful personalities like unassuming, observant, and responsible Nick Paxton who's gifted on the football field and obsessed with uncovering the killer's identity; vivacious and spirited cheerleader Sarah Rogers who struggles with fear and guilt, unwilling to let it overcome her; and John Walters the kind, conscientious and trustworthy teacher whose past intrudes on the present. Yet it's the arrogance, cold-heartedness and sense of invulnerability of a thirty-five year old predator haunted by sexual abuse in his youth that adds a cold chill and terror to the story.

As always in a Ron Parham novel the plot in Festival of Fear is riveting and filled with memorable characters. It kept me glued to my chair until the end and I look forward to reading the next book in this absorbing saga.



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